Büyükelçinin Özgeçmişi

Ambassador Aylin Taşhan

After completing her primary, secondary and high school education at the TED Ankara College, Ambassador Aylin Taşhan graduated from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 1983; then received master's degree in international relations at the Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) in 1985.

She joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1985, worked as the Third Secretary at the Department of Policy Planning, then at the General Directorate of Research and Security Affairs.

Between 1990-1993, she worked at the Turkish Consulate General in Aleppo, Syria,

between 1993-1995, as the Second Secretary at the General Directorate of North America,

between 1995-1999, at the Turkish Embassy in Vienna,

between 1999-2001, at the General Directorate of Western Europe,

between 2001-2005, at the Turkish Embassy in Oslo.

Between 2005-2011, she served as the Head of the Department at the Directorate General of Protocol (responsible for immunities and privileges) and later as the Deputy Director General of Protocol.

She served as Turkey’s first and founder Ambassador to the Republic Mozambique between 2011-2016.

Between 2016-2021 she served as the Director General of Research and Security Affairs and

in 2021 appointed to the Republic of Slovenia.


Aylin Taşhan Ambassador
Monday - Friday

08:30 - 16:00

Monday-Friday 08:30-16:00
1/1/2024 1/3/2024 New Year's Day
2/8/2024 2/9/2024 Slovenian Cultural Day
4/1/2024 4/2/2024 Easter Monday
4/10/2024 4/11/2024 Religious Day
5/1/2024 5/3/2024 Labour Day
6/16/2024 6/17/2024 Religious Day
6/25/2024 6/26/2024 Statehood Day of Slovenia
8/15/2024 8/16/2024 Feast of the Assumption
10/29/2024 10/30/2024 Turkish Republic Day
10/31/2024 11/1/2024 Reformation Day
11/1/2024 11/2/2024 Day of Remembrance for the Dead
12/25/2024 12/26/2024 Christmas Day
12/26/2024 12/27/2024 Independence and Unity Day